The Critical Care Nurse functions under the supervision of the Head Nurse or Charge Nurse. He/She
provides total nursing care to his/her patients. This involves planning, administering and evaluation the
nursing care of her patients. She administers all treatments and medications and
maintains complete and accurate records of nursing assessments and nursing care. The nurse
must also have expertise in recognizing complications in the intensive care patient. He/She is
responsible for learning how to operate all technological equipment utilized in the unit. The
functions performed require judgement based upon the application of scientific knowledge and
are guided by the established philosophy and policies of the organization and the unit.
In addition to the responsibilities listed under the job description for a Staff RN, the following activities are
unique to this position:
1. Responsible for total patient care, including medication, orders and treatments.
2. Assists the physicians in performing special procedures.
3. Under the direction and guidance of the Head Nurse, closely monitors cardiac and physical
status of patient under his/her care.
4. Assists in emergency nursing procedures necessary for prompt control of changes in patient's
physical condition.
5. Able to perform the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation accurately and effectively.
6. Keeps abreast of changing techniques in critical care nursing and maintains a high level of
expertise in critical care.
7. Accepts responsibilities delegated by the Head Nurse or team leader and evaluates the
nursing care provided in the area assigned.
8. Provides leadership in the interpretation and application of the philosophy and objective of
nursing service in assigned area.
9. As a team leader, directs and develops the abilities and skills of staff assigned to her
jurisdiction, and makes team assignments based upon individual patient need.
10. Maintains the patient's clinical records; assists with execution of the physician's orders;
keeps accurate problem oriented nurses notes according to audit committee standards.
11. Assists the physician with procedures and treatments. Administers treatments including
sterile procedures.
12. Participates in team conferences with team leader and makes up team assignments.
13. Guides personnel in evaluating patient needs.
14. Performs patient care within the principles of Team Nursing, reporting pertinent observations
or complaints to the team leader and/or Head Nurse.
15. Assists Head Nurse or Charge Nurse in personnel work evaluation.
16. Administers medications according to hospital policy.
17. Practices economical use of equipment and supplies, informs proper authority of
18. Attends and supports Inservice Education Programs.
19. Participates in or initiates CPR and Codes when necessary.
20. Serves on Nursing Committee when requested.
21. May make out patient assignment sheets if delegates by the Head Nurse.

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