Weld Engineer

Chino, CA

Responsible for applying engineering principles to design, install, modify and improve new and existing processes, and ensure the process works at the optimum level.
Develops welding techniques, procedures, and application of welding equipment to problems involving fabrication of metals, utilizing knowledge of production specifications, properties and characteristics of metals and metal alloys, and engineering principles.
Conducts research and development investigations to develop and test new fabrication processes and procedures, improve existing or develop new welding equipment, develop new or modify current welding methods.
Will be responsible for developing specialized welding, bonding and brazing processes and procedures for a variety of metals.
Troubleshoot problems and supervise shop floor activities to ensure that manufactured products meet or exceed all established quality standards.
Writes and assists in the development of Welding Procedure System's to accommodate new requirements from customers.
Manage all documents associated with WPS development per company quality management system.
Analyze work force utilization, facility layout, and operational data, such as production costs, process flow charts, and production schedules, to determine efficient utilization of workers and equipment.

BS or AS degree in Engineering is preferred.
5-10 years experience in fabrication and implementation of welding processes, weldments, etc.
A working knowledge of welding procedures and ASME code-stamping standards in a manufacturing environment. AWS or CWI preferred.
Ability to read blue prints to evaluate project needs.
Experience in SolidWorks CAD.
Training and experience in controls engineering, PLC programming and MMI data acquisition.
Ability to track and analyze labor metrics.
Experience managing specs for welding equipment and tooling for new and existing projects.
Accomplished in both written/presentation and verbal communications.

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